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Who We Are

Premier GPS Inc. was incorporated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1992. With a highly innovative and competent group of engineers and software developers, the company has created a full line of tracking and personal safety products for a wide range of applications covering government and commercial customers.

Our Awesome Features

Fully customizable designs and military spec manufacturing make the RemoteReach line of products easy to use. The product family is scalable from small fleets (less than 10 trucks) to enterprise implementations with more than 750 vehicles in one fleet.

Premium robust products

The RemoteReach line of products are extremely robust yet very compact..

100% Guarantee

Typical life cycles for the product are 3 years. Over 300 units have been in the field for over 10 years!.

Support System

First line of support is with a 24x7 phone center. On-site training and installations are the preferred means of delivering turn-key systems without the need of travel for your staff.

Why Choose Us?

Premier GPS Inc. designs and manufactures all its products. Whether it is equipment, software, training and support. A one-shop-stop feature which is hard to find nowadays. No need to stay up all night to talk with an engineer half way around the world any more. Premier GPS Inc. has an extensive nework of over 80 partners located all over the world and ready to offer a solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Our Solutions

- Complies with Lone Worker legislation
- Great for lone workers in the Oil & Gas industries
- Excellent for law enforcement officers in remote areas
- Offers great flexibility for groups or individuals
- RemoteReach units use the iridium satellite network to send and receive data from anywhere in the world.
- Portable units are available and do not require any installation. They simply plug into a cigarette lighter adaptor and are ready to go!
- Authorized family and friends (with passwords) can track your location via the internet on your website.
- Alarm centers can dispatch help if you subscribe to this service. Alarm companies will alert local law enforcement authoroties at your location and will provide them with a map as to where you are.
- Backpack units are available and are ideal for hikers, mountain climbers, sailors and anyone else whether in urban or remote areas. No need to worry about cell coverage or availability.
- For those who do not need the extremely reliable RemoteReach units that offer worldwide coverage.
- Support for many Android phones. please contact us for further details.
- See your nearby friends that also have the SafetyDroid app on Google Maps.
- If you need your own product or application, we offer a complete in-house design service.
- Save yourself all the money and development time and get to market musch faster!

Our Expertise

40% Complete (success)
40% Complete (success)
40% Complete (success)
40% Complete (success)

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