Our Products

More than ever, industies are becoming extremely competitive. With energy prices dropping worldwide, companies are forced to utilize lone workers in remote and harsh environments. RemoteReach products utilize GPS and iridium satellites to summon help instantly from anywhere in the world. Real time location as well as alarm and man-down data are sent from our advanced intrinsically safe personal worker safety FOB up to the iridium satellites constellation comprised of 66 Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites that relays the information to ground based control rooms located at call centers or at secure customer data centers.

Law Enforcement

RemoteReach systems have been deployed with many federal and state agencies where tracking of illegal targets in remote areas that don't have cellular coverage presents big challenges. Whether on land, sea or air, RemoteReach units can play an important role.

Oil & Gas

Truck mounted as well as battery powered portable units are available. Lone workers are issued personal ntrinsically safe FOB's equipped with no-motion sensors that will alert supervisors in case of emergencies.

Personal Safety

Planning to go mountain climbing in mount Everest or a safari trip to Africa? Do you need to travel to a foreign country with your family? Drive your motorhome or rent a car? RemoteReach units plug in a cigarette lighter socket and will instantly relay your location to family or friends back home via satellite whether it is a check-in or emergency condition.

Asset Tracking

Whether it is hazardous material on a train, or valuable items such as quads and assets that are located in remote regions of the world, RemoteReach units will allow you to track these items and be alerted via text messages to your smart phone if they are stolen or lost.

Our Team

From professional engineers and software developers, to customer support and technical advisors, Premier GPS Inc. has put together a very knowledgeable team with over 80 man-years of direct involvement in the design and manufacturing of the RemoteReach line of products.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the heart of the Canadian Oil and Gas industries, our team has seen it all. Whether the customer is located in the far Canadian north, with temperatures dipping below -40 deg C every year, or when customers are located in the U.S. gulf of Mexico area, where the temperature reaches up to 45 deg C and humidity levels of 95%, our team has helped our valued customers in implementing robust and very reliable solutions.

Our Partners